Hope HIV

So the final total is in and altogether, we have got together £114.25 for Hope HIV, thrashing our £100 target! I am very pleased,and it was good to see all us students get our work out there for people to see! Well done and thanks to everyone who helped out! 🙂


Art For Hope Exhibition

Today was the exhibition to raise money for Hope HIV and nearly reached the target of £100….still got some money coming in so the total is not final yet, but it was definitely a success! Here are a few photos of the exhibition……..

More interesting photos will be uploaded soon….:)

Art For Hope.

This poster and card was just a quick design that I did for an Art and Design exhibition that I am organising in September, to raise money for a charity called “Hope HIV”. At a Festival called Spring Harvest I was given £10, and asked to turn it into £100, and the idea is that you think of an interesting idea to raise the money and the proceeds go towards that charity. Although slightly nervous, I am looking forward to the exhibition and hopefully we will manage to raise enough money 🙂


This logo was designed for a soap company called ‘Lather and Co’, as part of a competition. I wanted the logo to simple and classy as it is a boutique, but I also wanted to have something subtley creative in there, so I included 3 little bubbles. I think overall the design works well, and I did some colour options for labels which you can see here…..

The client wanted subtle, pastel colours, and I think these in particular work really well. Overall I am pleased with it…let’s see if it wins or not!

The Kite Runner poster.

This is a poster design that I did to accompany the book cover for ‘The Kite Runner’, using the same design features as the book.

World Cup Graphics.

Here, is a graphic that is being used for the 2010 World Cup, held in South Africa. At first glance, this piece really reminded me of Henri Matisse’s artworks, with the very abstract shape of the body and the strips of colour. At first glance also, I thought it was awful and after further glances, I still feel the same way. I can’t deny that I think the colour scheme is very appropriate, as to many the thought of Africa conjures up a wide range of colours (that of which are usually saturated) such as the African clothing and arts. Whereas this graphic is quite clean cut, I feel that there could perhaps have been a bit more use of pattern and texture to reflect the culture and also, just to make it look more interesting and less predictable. Though, I do understand that this has something to do with a personal love for textures. 
Typeface wise I think this one is quite appropriate, as it has a rough, playful edge to it, however I feel that it maybe could have been made a more prominent part of the design. In relation to composition I think it is quite weak and that a lot more could have been done with it. I love the way that the coloured strips resemble flags; relevant to the world cup, however I do not feel that it has been executed particularly well and looks like it probably took about 5 minutes to create using clip art in Microsoft Word. 
Overall, I think that the design could have been a lot stronger and seems to be very uncultured and generic. I am sure someone out there could have done a better job….

The Big Church Day Out.

Recently I went to an event called ‘The Big Church Day Out’, which is a day that showcases a variety of different Christian musicians, including Toby Mac, Tim Hughes, Brenton Brown, Hillsong United, and my favourite of all….Switchfoot. It was a truly exceptional gig, and my friend Emma took some really great photos there, so I decided to knock up a quick illustration for it, including the lead singer Jon Foreman.