Simon’s Cat :)

I’m doing a flash project at the moment, and when researching flash animations, this one was my favourite. I first watched these about 2 years ago and also have a book on them…they are pure genius! I love them!


Oscar Wilson Typography.

I was recently browsing when I came across the work of Oscar Wilson. I really love his stuff and here are a few of his pieces that I particularly admire. I love the bold selection of colours used within these pieces and that the images are made out of typography. Not only this, the type used within them is so carefully designed to mould the specific shape and it is so effective. I love them!


Light of the World.

This was just a spontaneous design that I came up with…I was thinking of this verse, and thought about what it meant on a wider scale. The idea of having a bright white light amongst darkness is there to represent how we ourselves can bring good into a world that is full of darkness; poverty, illness, disasters. The light is there to show hope and signify a route for escape / release from this.

Volunteering Event.

On 24th February 2010, I took part in an event aimed at encouraging people to partake in volunteer work. For this event, I was a speaker and did a 15 minute presentation on the mission trip that I took part in, in 2008 to Moldova. I discussed the projects that we took part in and how it helped to develop my creativity. I also tried to encourage people to take part in this sort of volunteering and how they could use their creativity to help other people. It was a very enjoyable event 🙂

Political Correctness: Final Idea.

This is my final idea for the Political Correctness project. I am fairly happy with it, however I feel that it is possibly not as effective as it could be. If I had more time, I would explore with the choice of typefaces and with scale and eventually it would be printed on A3 gloss paper.

What is Britishness?

What is Britishness?

These are some initial designs for a University project, called ‘What is Britishness?’ I decided to focus on the issue of political correctness and how most people are very confused and troubled about what words you are allowed to use. This series of designs aims to portray the idea that PC terms are destroying our language and pushing out old terms.