Art For Hope.

This poster and card was just a quick design that I did for an Art and Design exhibition that I am organising in September, to raise money for a charity called “Hope HIV”. At a Festival called Spring Harvest I was given £10, and asked to turn it into £100, and the idea is that you think of an interesting idea to raise the money and the proceeds go towards that charity. Although slightly nervous, I am looking forward to the exhibition and hopefully we will manage to raise enough money 🙂

  1. Hi Amy,

    These look really, really great!

    Thank you so much for responding to the 1010 Challenge, and for everything you are doing to raise awareness about and much needed funds for our work in Africa.

    Really hope everything goes well with the exhibition, please do send some photos through to, we’d love to see them.

    Also, if you’d like to keep you up to date on how the 1010 Challenge is progressing overall as project news from Africa, let us know (via the same email address) and we’ll add you to our quarterly “ENEWS for Churches”

    Thanks again!

    Community Relationship Manager

    • Lindsay,
      Thanks very much for the comment, will definitely make sure that I send you some photos of the event!
      would love to be kept up to date with how the challenge is going elsewhere, so yes, please add me to the ENEWS 🙂
      Take care

  2. Brilliant – just let me know what email address you’d like us to send it to
    Thanks Amy!

  3. Hey 🙂 Sorry this is so late…
    if you could email it to that would be great! thanks.
    If you ever have any design work or experience available please let me know! 🙂 Thanks again

  4. thanks Amy, I’ll send you the latest email today and will add you to our list
    Warm regards

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