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What is Britishness?

These are some initial designs for a University project, called ‘What is Britishness?’ I decided to focus on the issue of political correctness and how most people are very confused and troubled about what words you are allowed to use. This series of designs aims to portray the idea that PC terms are destroying our language and pushing out old terms.


Design Is: De Stijl

We decided as a group that we wanted to have the model mirror the design on the front cover of our book, to emphasize the notion of unity that the De Stijl artists all wanted to portray. The model was made my Alex and Anna in our group and was made completely out of card and spray paint. We were all very impressed with the outcome! 🙂
This photo is our the final exhibition.
Final Poster design: George and James.
Final Model: Alex and Anna.
Final Book: All.
Promotional Colouring Book: Myself and Lauren.

De Stijl: Design Is Utopia.

These images are from an activity book that I designed with my group for the current University project called ‘De Stijl: Design is Utopia’. The aim of this assignment was to produce a book, poster, model and promotional items to be displayed at our own exhibition that we would then present.

Brighton Pier.

This is a mixed media illustration that I created in response to an extract from the book ‘Brighton Rock’ by Graham Greene. I went to Brighton and took photos which I then used, as well as drawings of them, to create this. I eventually had this printed at A1 size. I am pleased with the design, however now I realise that there are a few changes that I would like to make. I would like to edit it so that the hand drawn images blend better together.

Stop The Traffik Adverts.

These posters were designed to promote an organisation called Stop The Traffik and I particularly admire how hard hitting they are, because although the issue that they raise is a sensitive one; human trafficking, I think it makes them even more effective. 

Trip to The V&A.

Whilst visiting V&A, these three illustrations caught my eye. I really love them; the textures and the composition, and I really admire the illustrator’s distinct, interesting style. t


These three illustrations, I did a while ago, but I would love to start using more texture like this in my Graphic Design degree work if I get the opportunity. I love the rough texture that monoprinting creates, and combining this with ink, drawings, photocopies and the original film. The photo is my own, taken on my Photography NCFE course.