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What is Britishness?


What is Britishness?

These are some initial designs for a University project, called ‘What is Britishness?’ I decided to focus on the issue of political correctness and how most people are very confused and troubled about what words you are allowed to use. This series of designs aims to portray the idea that PC terms are destroying our language and pushing out old terms.

Design Is: De Stijl

We decided as a group that we wanted to have the model mirror the design on the front cover of our book, to emphasize the notion of unity that the De Stijl artists all wanted to portray. The model was made my Alex and Anna in our group and was made completely out of card and spray paint. We were all very impressed with the outcome! 🙂
This photo is our the final exhibition.
Final Poster design: George and James.
Final Model: Alex and Anna.
Final Book: All.
Promotional Colouring Book: Myself and Lauren.