Magazine Layout.

These four magazine pages were designed for the final project in Typographic Studies, working with the article “Read Me! – Literacy in Graphic Design” by Lucienne Roberts. This was all done in In Design and was my first time at properly using the programme. It took a while to get used to, but I am quite pleased with the end result and feel that I dealt with the issue of hierarchy fairly well.

The Kite Runner Book Jacket.

This is a full book jacket that I designed for the first assignment in Typographic Studies on the Graphic Design degree. The idea was to represent the themes of the book on the front cover, using only typography. Here, I really wanted to focus on the themes of separation, old and new, loss and gain; henvce the cut – out effect and the mirror image. As well as this, I chose a colour palette of various shades of brown, beige and cream to create a dusty, atmospheric feel of Afghanistan, the setting of the story. I am really pleased with the design overall.

English Spy Logo.

This logo was designed for the 2nd project in Introductory Studies, where the aim was to represent a country and a profession in a logo. I was given ‘England’ and ‘Spy’ and after many different ideas, I went with this one. I am really not pleased with it at all, but never mind!

Political Postcard.

This design was for a political postcard brief that we were given for Introductory Studies. The political issue that I chose to focus on was the Holocaust and the treatment of the Jewish people within the concentration camps. I wanted to show the control that the officers had over the people in the camps; how the lives of the people were in their hands and how their identity and freedom was lost. I am really not pleased with it as a whole, however I think it conveys what I wanted to say.